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Hi there, this is Jeff Yang, the founder of The Actuarial Nexus. I first started this website as a hobby project to combine my passion for education and coding. As the platform grew, I realized that it could be a great resource to help students to pass the early exams. I now work full time on The Actuarial Nexus fulltime.

There is no team behind this website. Everything including the content (solutions, courses, etc.) and features were all created by myself over the span of thousands of hours. I mention this because there is no customer support team so you should know who you are trusting your time and money with. If you've purchased a plan and are at any point unsatisfied, please contact me at

If you find any bugs with the site, I sincerely apologize. This platform officially launched in July 2023. Prior to July, it had gone through months of beta testing with many users, so it should generally be stable. If you do find a bug, please e-mail me and I will fix it as soon as possible. In the past, all user reported bugs had been immediately addressed.

In addition to the website, I also run a YouTube channel about the actuarial profession. There will be overlap between the channel and this platform.

To reach out on LinkedIn, message me at For urgent requests, please contact

To submit a non-urgent comment, suggestion or question directly on the site, please use the form below. You must be signed in with a valid e-mail address to use the form.

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